Statement by Mayor Frank Guinta regarding removal of Raymond Guay from Manchester

MANCHESTER (September 15, 2008) – “This weekend, the U.S. Bureau of Probation Office moved Raymond Guay away from downtown Manchester into an out-of-state facility . I want to thank Manchester Police Chief David Mara and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for taking a strong stand on behalf of public safety. I also want to thank them for putting overwhelming pressure on the U.S. Probation Office to move this dangerous individual out of Manchester and out of our state. My hope is that Mr. Guay gets the professional treatment that he needs in a facility that specializes in such cases.

“I also want to thank U.S. Probation Officer Thomas Tarr and Attorney General Kelly Ayotte for working together in having Mr. Guay relocated. I was in direct contact with both offices and I am happy that state and federal offices were able to work with the city to get this issue addressed.”