Bradley For Congress (NH CD-1) - Bradley Statement on Shea-Porter Vote on Ineffective Energy Legislation

Manchester, NH – Jeb Bradley will hold a conference call with reporters today. Information for the call is below. The conference call will address the vote Carol Shea-Porter and the US House took last night on a so-called “Energy Bill.”

Jeb Bradley has released the following statement in regards to Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s vote to support the ineffective legislation:

“Carol Shea-Porter has once again chosen to partisan politics over people. This piece of legislation does nothing to address the real issues surrounding our energy crisis, nor does it allow for future improvement of the energy situation. This is yet another gimmick by Carol Shea-Porter and her colleagues to make it look as though they are doing something, when really, no relief is achieved. Instead of voting to drill where there is oil, Carol Shea-Porter has voted to put her head in the sand.

“We need a comprehensive energy policy, not one that simply addresses a quick fix gimmick in order to appease a displeased public. We need to explore the areas where oil exists and open up ANWR. We need to use oil shale, nuclear power, wind, solar, clean coal technologies and to allow for more oil refinery production. This is not a solution it’s a sham. This is Carol Shea-Porter’s Alice in Wonderland approach to an energy policy.” said Jeb Bradley, Candidate, 1st Congressional District.