Straus For NH House - Libertarian Leaves No Door Un-Knocked

Manchester -- Knock, knock. Who's there? If you live in Manchester's 4th Ward, there's a good chance it's Morey Straus, a man on a mission. Think of it as "meet and greet on steroids." Straus, the Libertarian Party's nominee for State Representative, is determined to personally meet with every resident of his district. Not just every Libertarian voter. Not just every voter. Everyone.

So far, he's offered a friendly, personal hello -- and an opportunity to talk about the issues -- to nearly 1,300 of his fellow citizens. "I'm not using voter lists," says Straus. "Everyone here counts. Everyone here pays taxes. Everyone here deserves good representation. And I want to discuss the kind of representation I intend to provide with all of them."

Not home? Straus is prepared. "I leave a card inviting them to call me." Straus believes his strategy is working -- that he's winning over voters from across the political spectrum, and inspiring some non- voters to register for the first time.

He also believes his experience wandering the mosaic of neighborhoods that composes Ward 4 will make him a better legislator. "The district ranges from areas directly and visibly impacted by the War on Drugs -- trying to crawl out of a crater made by government -- to middle class neighborhoods where the chief concern is holding on to the good lives they've built," he says. "None of them want a free lunch. They just want the boot of government off their necks. And that's all I'm promising to deliver."

Straus maintains a regularly updated website at . His name will appear on the November 4th ballot. He is competing with Democrats Frank Weaver, Bob Walsh, and Nick Levasseur, as well as Republicans Kathy Souza, Dan Mattingly and Leo Pepino for three seats.