NH GOP - Jeanne Shaheen And The Income Tax

MYTH : Jeanne Shaheen Has Consistently Opposed An Income Tax

FACT : After Promising To Veto An Income Tax In 1996, Shaheen Dropped Her Pledge In 2000

Union Leader: “Shaheen last spring abandoned the pledge to veto an income tax she had made in 1996 and 1998. She already had reneged on a pledge to veto a statewide property tax.” (Union Leader, 9/13/00)

Union Leader: "Gov. Jeanne Shaheen last night dumped ‘The Pledge’ and failed to offer a plan for solving the state’s school funding trouble as she opened her campaign for a third term.” (Union Leader, 5/31/00)

Shaheen: “Twice before as I ran for governor, I told the people of New Hampshire that I would veto any broad based tax….But this year I can’t make the same promise, whatever the political price.” (Union Leader, 5/31/00)

FACT : Jeanne Shaheen Indicated Support For An Income Tax

Concord Monitor : "Last year, Shaheen proposed a 2.5 percent sales tax that would have lowered the statewide property tax but increased some business taxes. After the sales tax failed, she agreed to sign an income tax, which failed as well." (The Concord Monitor, 2/10/02)

Shaheen: “[T]he best option for funding New Hampshire schools is a graduated income tax, where the wealthy pay a greater share of their income than those with less money .” (Eagle Tribune, 10/18/02)

Union Leader : “The governor's sales tax is a joke, as is her promise to spend money to advertise that we would have a ‘ lower sales tax ’ than surrounding states. Where has she been all these years when we have had NO sales tax? Has she ever advertised that fact? Much more insidious is the state income tax that the governor says she also will support. It would create a huge new pot of money for state government to dole out and it would surely end the low-cost, local-control way in which New Hampshire has so successfully done business” (Union Leader, 4/17/01)

Union Leader : “Shaheen said it was difficult for her to arrive at her decision to forego the last vestige of her 1996 and 1998 pledge to veto any broadbased tax income, sales or statewide property taxes. In her reelection announcement on Tuesday, the governor opened the door to her possible signature of an income tax.” (Union Leader, 6/1/00)

· Union Leader : “’It's never easy to tell people something they may not want to hear,’ said Shaheen.” (Union Leader, 6/1/00)

Portsmouth Herald : “In her fourth news conference in several days, Gov. Jeanne Shaheen said yesterday she does not rule out a broadbase income tax.” ( Portsmouth Herald, 5/24/01)

· Herald : “With state Sen. Burt Cohen, D-New Castle, a strong income tax advocate, at her side and speaking at a news conference after yesterday's Governor and Executive Council meeting at the Wentworth-Coolidge State Historic Mansion, Shaheen said, ‘I am willing to consider any long-term solution that satisfied the five criteria I've set out.’” ( Portsmouth Herald, 5/24/01)

· Herald: “Asked specifically if any long-term solution’ includes an income tax, Shaheen repeated her statement.” ( Portsmouth Herald, 5/24/01)