Manney For County Commissioner (D-3) - Holden Admits Accusations Against Manney are False

Hillsborough County , District 3, candidate for County Commissioner , Carol Holden (R), Amherst , admits that accusations she lodged against her primary opponent, Pamela Manney (R), Goffstown, were false.

News releases sent out on August 29th by Holden to area newspapers and blogs accusing Manney of failing to disclose campaign finances were later found to be false.

This was verified by a letter to the editor, dated Sept. 12th, that Holden herself sent to the Goffstown Residents Association website where Holden admits, “I have since learned that she did file the report on time using the new online system. There appears to be problems with the online system. The problems have prevented the public from accessing the information...this is not the fault of my opponent.”

Had Holden waited for a response from the Secretary of States office regarding her August 29th complaint she filed against Manney, she would have been told that Manney had filed. She also would have been given guidance on how to access the reports on the new Campaign Finance System , where Manneys’ reports were available for all to see.

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