Granite State Progress - Hosts Private Screening of New Political Movie

Concord – Granite State Progress is hosting a sneak preview of the movie “Third Term.” This feature-length documentary - narrated by Paul Begala - examines how on every major issue this year, from the war in Iraq, to the economy, to health care, to our energy crisis, Senator McCain has been on the wrong side, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with President George W. Bush. Recently, the New York Times referred to McCain’s close association with Bush economic and war policies as McCain’s “Third-Term Problem.”

Using footage of his own words, interviews and expert analysis, “Third Term” exposes McCain's radical policy agenda. It also features interviews with experts like: Rand Beers: Founder and President of the National Security Network, National Security Council 1988-1998 2002-2003; Ellen Malcolm of Emily's List; Paul Waldman: Coauthor of Free Ride, Senior Fellow Media Matters Action Network; Larry Korb, Senior Fellow at American Progress Action Fund, Assistant Secretary of Defense 1981-1985; and Thea Lee Policy Director and Chief International Economist AFL-CIO.

With notable commentary and a score by Grammy-award winning producer/composer Art Hodge, this film makes an impression.

Invited guests include members of the press, state legislators, organizational leaders and members of Granite State Progress. Please note that the film may start late if the special session at the State House runs longer than anticipated; an e-mail update will be sent if necessary.

Details for private screening:

Date: Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: Red River Theatre - Stoneyfield Farm Cultural Cinema

11 S. Main St., Concord

Space is limited. Click here to RSVP: .