Bradley For Congress (NH CD1) - Democrats Argue Semantics Rather Than Shea-Porter's Record on Energy

(Manchester, NH) -- Jeb Bradley‘s campaign today found some humor in the fact that the Democratic state party chair Ray Buckley found fault with the legal disclaimer of a humorous ad titled “Vacation”. The ad takes Carol Shea-Porter to task for casting the deciding vote to recess Congress on a five week vacation rather than enacting legislation to provide NH working families relief at the gas pump.

The ad is clearly tagged as paid for and approved by Jeb Bradley for Congress and has Jeb Bradley himself at the beginning of the ad. “Frankly, Jeb couldn’t wait to take credit for the ad. We would have said it at the beginning and the end if we had time,” said Periklis Karoutas, campaign manager. “Mr. Buckley should familiarize himself with what the FEC stands for – the Federal Election Commission, while the FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commission. Since Mr. Buckley has so much free time, he should read Rule 73.1212(d) which clearly states the appropriate disclaimer rules for television advertising. If he doesn’t want to do it now, he can wait until November when voters send Carol Shea-Porter on a permanent vacation. He should have plenty of free time then,” said Karoutas.

The FCC Rule is as follows:

Sec. 73 . 1212

(d) In the case of any political broadcast matter or any broadcast matter involving the discussion of a controversial issue of public importance for which any film, record, transcription, talent, script, or other material or service of any kind is furnished, either directly or indirectly, to a station as an inducement for broadcasting such matter, an announcement shall be made both at the beginning and conclusion of such broadcast on which such material or service is used that such film, record, transcription, talent, script, or other material or service has been furnished to such station in connection with the transmission of such broadcast matter: Provided, however, That in the case of any broadcast of 5 minutes' duration or less, only one such announcement need be made either at the beginning or conclusion of the broadcast.