Manchester Mayor Guinta announces formation of Manchester Digital Television Taskforce (MDTT)

MANCHESTER (September 23, 2008) – In anticipation of the February 17, 2009, conversion of terrestrial television signals from analogue to digital, Mayor Frank Guinta announced the formation of the Manchester Digital Television Taskforce (MDTT). This committee will work to assure that all Manchester residents are aware of how this conversion will affect them and what they can do to prepare.

“In less than five months, television as we know it in Manchester will change, and I want to make sure all residents are prepared,” Mayor Guinta said. “While most residents will not be affected by the February 17 deadline, as they have cable, there is a sizable portion of people that use ‘rabbit ears’ for their primary or secondary televisions. The MDTT will be charged with spreading the message that they need to get a digital converter box for those televisions. In addition, this committee will help residents sort out the various rumors that exist regarding this changeover.”

The first public information meeting will be held in October.

Members of the MDTT

Jennie Angell (Info. Systems)

Jeff Bartlett (WMUR-TV)

Tom Brennan (MANSD)

Tracey Degges (Weed and Seed)

Renie Denton (MCRC)

Ken Edwards (MHRA)

Joe Lahr (MCAM)

Elisa Maranda ( Latin-American Center)

Kevin Shepperd (Highway Dept.)

Grace Sullivan (MCTV)

Sean Thomas (Mayor’s Office)

Bill Tinkler (Comcast)

Barbara Vigneault (Senior Services)