Sierra Club - Sununu Ad Misleads on Energy Record

Sununu Has Long Record of Voting Against Renewable Energy,

While Voting for Big Oil Tax Breaks

Concord, N.H.—The Sierra Club today called a new ad released by John Sununu false and misleading. The ad touts Sununu’s support for clean energy and action on fuel prices. Unfortunately, his rhetoric bears no resemblance to his real record on these key issues. John Sununu has taken over $230,000 in campaign cash from the oil industry and his record shows his strong support for policies that benefit Big Oil, not Granite State families.

Sununu Ad script: “ Fuel prices. John Sununu has answers. More conservation. Tax credits for clean, renewable energy. Jeanne Shaheen's plan? Back to the 70s. Higher energy taxes. No new exploration. Greater dependence on foreign oil.”

Statement of Cathy Corkery, Chapter Director, New Hampshire Sierra Club

“John Sununu should know that Granite State voters are too smart to be fooled by his false and misleading TV ads. A look at Sununu’s real record shows his strong support of the failed Bush policies that have wrecked our economy and made us more dependent on hostile foreign regimes for our energy needs than ever before. Instead of siding with the Granite State, John Sununu has sided with Big Oil and other special interests time and time again.

“When it comes to fuel prices, John Sununu actually voted against making price gouging a federal crime during energy emergencies. This week has shown just how far the greed and excesses on Wall Street have gone, yet John Sununu voted against cracking down on the Wall Street oil speculators that independent experts now agree were responsible for the dramatic run up in oil prices. Granite State families who locked in heating oil contracts when prices were high thanks to the speculators should ask Sununu why he voted with Wall Street instead of Main Street.

“John Sununu is no champion when it comes to clean energy. Once he sided with Dick Cheney on a tied vote to block a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES). Another time when he also could’ve been the deciding vote, he chose to protect billions in government giveaways to Big Oil instead of supporting tax incentives for renewable energy. In fact, he’s voted against tax credits for renewable energy nine times —in just the past year and a half. He’s also sided with George Bush and electric utilities to block a national RES four times .

“Barack Obama and Jeanne Shaheen want to make sure oil companies are paying their fair share on their tens of billions in record profits—that’s not backwards or big government, its basic fairness. John Sununu and John McCain have protected billions in government giveaways for Big Oil, while we pay at the pump and Big Oil dumps hundreds of thousands of dollars into their campaigns.

“ New Hampshire simply can’t afford to continue to have Big Oil’s best friends in Washington. John Sununu has been the deciding vote in favor of failed policies over and over again. It’s time to replace him with someone who will vote with New Hampshire’s interests, not special interests. Times are too tough to take another chance on Sununu.”

The Sununu Record:

Sununu voted AGAINST a national Renewable Electricity Standard:

Once....2005 Senate Roll Call Vote #141

Twice...on a 50-50 vote where Sununu sided with Dick Cheney who had to cast the tie-breaking vote, 2005 Senate Roll Call Vote #363

Three times...2006 Senate Roll Call Vote #42

Four times.......2007 Roll Call Vote #416

Sununu voted AGAINST tax credits for renewable energy:

Once....2007 Senate Roll Call Vote #97

Twice...2007 Roll Call Vote #223

Three times....2007 Roll Call Vote #416

Four times...2007 Roll Call Vote #425

Five times...2008 Roll Call Vote #8

Six times...2008 Roll Call Vote #147

Seven times...2008 Roll Call Vote #150

Eight times...2008 Roll Call Vote #190

Nine times...2008 Roll Call Vote #192

Sununu voted AGAINST making oil cartels illegal (2007 Roll Call Vote #215)

Sununu voted AGAINST taking back over $13 billion in government giveaways to Big Oil (2007 Vote #425

Sununu voted AGAINST cracking down on oil speculators gaming the system at the expense of consumers

(2008Vote #184)

Sununu voted AGAINST imposing a windfalls profits tax to make sure Big Oil is paying it fair share on its

tens of billions of dollars in record profits (2008 Vote #146)

Sununu voted AGAINST criminal penalties for price gouging during energy emergencies—TWICE (2008

Vote #146, 2005 Vote #334)