Sanborn For NH Senate - Will Janeway Call to Cut Wasteful Spending?

Sanborn encourages Janeway to find $10 million to pay for fuel assistance

(Concord) State Senate candidate Andy Sanborn is encouraging incumbent Harold Janeway to abandon his big-tax, big-spending agenda, and propose $10 million in spending cuts to account for the necessary cost to provide fuel assistance and weatherizing programs. The state legislature is expected to approve $10 million in aid later today.

"Harold Janeway has an opportunity to call for fiscal discipline, while still providing funds for worthy state programs," said Sanborn. "State spending went up nearly half a billion dollars this year. I'm sure Harold Janeway can find $10 million we don't need to spend, so this program can go through without placing an additional tax burden on New Hampshire residents."

Under Janeway's watch, state spending increased $475 million, while the overall state budget went up by 17.5%. Janeway also supports a statewide income tax, hiding his support by claiming Governor John Lynch would veto such a tax.

"Harold Janeway is a pro-tax, pro-spending liberal, and is spending New Hampshire into an income tax," Sanborn continued. "Let's see if he's able to show a little fiscal discipline and sacrifice $10 million in wasteful spending for a program that truly deserves our attention."

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