MRC - State Democrats Get $1.745 Million From Out Of State

MANCHESTER -- The Manchester Republican Committee today released a report proving that the NH Democratic Party and its candidates have received $1.745 million from out-of-state sources, amounting to 47.21% of their total primary take. The NH Republican Party and its candidates, by contrast, have received less than $209,000 from out of state. The reports come in the wake of accusations by the Democrats of Republicans using "out-of-state influence" to affect New Hampshire politics.

"We heard the Democrats accuse us of using out-of-state money, and we couldn't believe it because we know they get ten times the out-of-state cash we do. Well, okay, 8.35 times the out-of-state money we do," said Keith Murphy, First Vice-Chair of the MRC. The report included only state-level party PACs, candidate committees, and PACs which gave exclusively to candidates of either party. The report does not include current federal candidate committees for either party because those candidates are not required to file with the Secretary of State.

The largest source of Democrat out-of-state funds was Washington, DC, by an overwhelming margin. Other major sources included California, New York, and Massachusetts. To ensure that the same money was not counted twice, transactions between state candidate committees and party committees were deducted from the total contributions. "There's a definite pattern by the Democrats of having their candidates raise their money out-of-state and then funnel that money to the state-level PACs," said Murphy, who completed the analysis, "The same money is being moved from candidate to committee to committee so often it borders on money laundering."

"This report proves that the Democrats are using out-of-state money to change our state's traditionally fiscally conservative policies," said Will Infantine, Chair of the MRC, "We're confident the voters will tell Democrats that New Hampshire is not for sale." The report takes into account all contributions reported to the Secretary of State for the primary election, as required by law.

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