Obama-Biden Campaign - Highlights Military Support around National Security Debate

--Veterans and Flag Officers Host Events in 27 Battleground Cities –

--New Mexican Military Spouse to Attend Presidential Debate as Guest of Michelle Obama--

CHICAGO, IL – In advance of the first presidential debate tonight, senior military leaders, veterans and military family members supporting Barack Obama will deploy to 27 cities across America to discuss the Obama-Biden plan to turn the page on the failed foreign policy decisions of the past and bring the change we need.

At the Democratic Convention last month, Obama noted, “If John McCain wants to have a debate about who has the temperament, and judgment, to serve as the next Commander-in-Chief, that's a debate I'm ready to have. We need a President who can face the threats of the future, not keep grasping at the ideas of the past.”

Thousands of veterans, their families, and senior military officers have already expressed support for Senator Obama. Today’s policy roundtables and debate parties will take place in battleground states with prominent veterans including Command Sergeant Major Michelle Jones in Denver, Colorado; Medal of Honor recipient Paul Bucha and Iraq veteran John McCary in Charlotte, NC; and retired Major General Lambert with Medal of Honor recipient Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Ray in Tampa, Florida.

Additionally, the wife of a soldier serving his 2nd tour in Iraq, New Mexico resident Shannon Kendall, will travel to Oxford, Mississippi, to attend the first presidential debate tonight as the guest of Michelle Obama. Earlier this month, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Kendall met at a roundtable discussion with military families in Santa Fe.

Obama is the grandson of a soldier who marched in Patton’s Army. As a member of the Foreign Relations and Veterans Affairs Committees in the Senate, Obama has a strong record of supporting policies that strengthen our national security and support our troops and veterans.

More than 14,000 military personnel and veterans have donated to the Obama campaign during this election cycle - equivalent to an Army division. A recent study by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics found that deployed military personnel donated 6 times more to the Obama campaign than to the McCain campaign. These statistics illustrate the broad support for Barack Obama among servicemembers and military families, and reflect a broader shift (as identified by recent Military Times polling) by military voters away from the Republican Party.

Veterans for Obama maintains an active official website on barackobama.com, comprised of 13,000 members. http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/vetshome

In addition, veterans and military families have created dozens of their own online communities on my.barackobama.com, as well as on Facebook and Myspace, such as the independent Blue Star Families for Obama group. http://bsf4o.com/

Listed below is information about the events headlined by veterans and flag officers in battleground states today:


o Hampton

· Debate Watch Party with Rye Barcott


· Debate Watch Party with Rear Admiral John Hutson