Horn For Congress (NH CD-2) - Jennifer Horn Launches TV AD

NASHUA – Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, launched her TV ad titled “Kids.” The ad will be running through September 9th on cable stations and WMUR.

Jennifer Horn: “On September 9th, voters will choose who will challenge Paul Hodes in November.  To beat him, our nominee needs to be different.  We need a new voice, a new approach, and a new way of doing things - someone who has dealt directly with the problems caused by Washington and will bring a common sense approach to solving these problems. 

Bill and I have five children- that means five college funds, five wardrobes, five mouths to feed.  I know what it is to try to balance the mortgage, the grocery bill and the health insurance and wonder when you will ever get to put away some money for retirement.  We need representatives in congress who have lived the same life we all have, who have faced these challenges and understand how government spending, high taxation and a gridlocked congress hurts each of us.”

The text of the ad is as follows:

Worry about our kids’ futures?
I do.  We have five…
I’ve been a small business owner, radio host and a mom – but never a politician.
The politicians went on vacation, with no plan to lower gas prices.
Politicians raise taxes– costing us jobs.
This congress failed our families.
That’s why I’m running…
I’m Jennifer Horn, and I approved this message, and I’m proud the Union-Leader endorsed me – because more politicians can’t change Washington.... but on September 9th, we can.