NH GOP - Chairman Comments on Jeanne Shaheen's Latest Television Ad and Her Record of Failed Leadership

CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen released the following statement on Jeanne Shaheen’s latest television advertisement and her record of failed leadership, higher taxes and record spending :

“Jeanne Shaheen should be very familiar with digging holes – her failed attempt to solve the education crisis and her reckless spending plunged New Hampshire into a ditch that we are struggling to climb out of today. The ongoing school funding dilemma, oppressive statewide property tax and severe fiscal challenges we face are a direct result of the failed leadership and devastating policies that marked her six years in office . ”

“As governor, Shaheen’s signature proposals included a capital gains tax and 2.5% sales tax that would have ruined New Hampshire’s economy. As a Senate candidate, she has opposed more domestic drilling andadvocated the same tired, failed energy policies of the 1970s that made our country more dependent on foreign oil. The only direction that Jeanne Shaheen will take us is toward higher taxes, more spending, bigger government and an energy plan that will do nothing to lower fuel prices for New Hampshire families.”


Jeanne Shaheen Failed To Solve The School Funding Crisis, But Signed New Hampshire’s First Statewide Property Tax, Proposed A Capital Gains Tax And A 2.5% Sales Tax That Would Have Devastated The State’s Economy:

Union Leader: “Here’s what Shaheen said at a Wednesday press conference about a solution to the school funding crisis... ‘I think it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get to the amount that is going to be required without including the (statewide) property tax in some way.’” ( “Shaheen ‘Pledge’ Comment Slammed, Defended,” Union Leader, 2/5/1999)

Union Leader: “It also means the state has its first broad-based tax. The new statewide property tax forces communities able to raise $4,220 per pupil at an equalized rate of less than $6.60 per $1,000 to eventually raise taxes to that level for schools anyway, and send the excess to the state for redistribution to poor communities.” ( “School Crisis Over; Tax Fight Isn’t. Portsmouth Mayor Threatens Suit,” Union Leader,4/30/1999)

Union Leader : “Gov. Jeanne Shaheen proposed a tax reform package to fund education yesterday that includes a new 2.5 percent sales tax…” ( Union Leader, 2/8/2001)

Union Leader : “Gov. Jeanne Shaheen said yesterday a 4.5 percent capital gains tax will raise enough money to solve the school funding crisis..” ( “4.5 Percent Capital Gains Tax Proposed By Shaheen. Revenue Chief Says Time Is Running Short In School Aid Debate,” Union Leader,11/20/1999)\

Jeanne Shaheen Has Opposed More Drilling For Domestic Energy :

Shaheen: “ More drilling is the answer the oil companies are looking for, not the answer New Hampshire families are looking for.” (Shaheen Campaign Press Release, John Sununu Votes To Continue Bush-Cheney Energy Policy, Open Up ANWR, Atlantic Costal Waters To Drilling, 5/13/08)

Nashua Telegraph: “Sununu has voted to drill for oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge and lift the ban on offshore drilling. Shaheen opposes both.” (Sununu Faults Shaheen Energy Plans, Nashua Telegraph , 6/26/2008)

Jeanne Shaheen Supports A WindfallTax Proposal That Would Make America More Dependent On Foreign Oil:

Shaheen supported legislation that would have imposed a windfall profits tax . (Shaheen Release, 6/10/2008)

A windfall profits tax was imposed by the Carter Administration in 1980 and according to the non-partisan Congressional Research Serviceincreased our dependence on foreign oil 8% to 16%percent. Because of its failure the tax was rescinded as part of The Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988.(The Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax of the 1980s: Implications for Current Energy Policy 5/9/2006)