Pam Manney for County Commissioner - Announces the Endorsement of Fellow NH House Members

The campaign of Pam Manney for County Commissioner announces the endorsement of fellow NH House members. Pam faces a contested primary on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Please log onto for information on what Pam believes in.

“I am honored to be endorsed by such a distinguish group of people who know what it is to work hard on behalf of their constituents.” Pam Manney, candidate for County Commissioner, Hillsborough County, District 3.

Rep. Neal Kurk – Weare

Rep. Robert L’Heureux – Merrimack

Rep. Ryan Hansen – Milford

Rep. Peyton Hinkle - Merrimack

Rep. Al Baldasaro - Londonderry

Hon. Nelson Allan – Nashua

Hon. Robert Mead – Mont Vernon

Hon. William O’Brien – Mont Vernon

Rep. Connie Soucy - Manchester

Rep. Gary Hopper - Weare

Rep. Howie Lund – Derry

Rep. Jayne Spaulding – Bedford

Rep. Jordan Ulery – Hudson

Rep. Ken Hawkins – Bedford

Rep. Larry A. Emerton - Goffstown

Rep. Lynne Ober - Hudson

Rep. Marshall “Lee” Quandt - Exeter

Rep. Matt Quandt - Exeter

Rep. Moe Villeneuve – Bedford

Rep. Norm Major – Plaistow

Rep. Peter Goyette - Hudson

Rep. Richard Fletcher - Goffstown

Rep. Rip Holden – Goffstown

Rep. Robert Haefner - Hudson

Rep. Russell Day - Goffstown

Rep. Russell Ober - Hudson

Rep. Sandra Reeves – Manchester

Rep. Shawn Jasper - Hudson

Rep. Will Infantine – Manchester


Judith McDonald, Nashua; retiring Registrar of Deeds

Nick Campasano, Goffstown; Deputy Fire Chief, Manchester

Claira Monier, Goffstown; retired head of NH Finance Authority

Arlene Burns, Goffstown; former NH Senate Chief of Staff

Marshall Cobleigh, Manchester, former Speaker of the House

Keith Allard – Goffstown; Chair, Goffstown School Board

Paula Martel, Dunbarton

Robert Martel, Dunbarton

John Hikel, Goffstown

Harvey Clement, Goffstown

Justin Gurksnis - Weare

Frances Leitgeb – Weare

Bill Gordon - Goffstown