Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta regarding Aldermanic vote on Spending Cap referendum

MANCHESTER (September 3, 2008) – “Last night, the will of more than 4,000 Manchester voters were thwarted by eight Aldermen, ” Mayor Frank Guinta said. “The people of Manchester demand that the Spending Cap referendum be placed on the November ballot for an up-or-down vote. Instead, partisan politics got in the way. These eight Aldermen want to create an unnecessary special election in the dead of winter, costing taxpayers upwards of $40,000 and severely depressing voter turnout.

“They made it clear that, instead of the highest turnout possible for this vital issue, they want to see the lowest turnout. This is blatant partisanship; just because they don’t like the Spending Cap, they are willing to make a mockery of Manchester’s referendum process and set a terrible precedent.

“Thankfully, we have one more chance to get this right. At 4 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 5, we are having a special meeting to place the Spending Cap referendum on the November ballot. I thank the six Aldermen, who are on both sides of the Spending Cap issue, for adhering to the will of the people. In addition, I strongly urge the other eight Aldermen to place the citizens of Manchester above party politics and special interests and place this on the November ballot.”