Pam Manney for County Commissioner Announces Ratings

Pam Manney for County Commissioner, Hillsborough County, District 3, announces ratings from local and national groups.

“I am proud to have earned such high ratings from groups whose focus is Liberty, Family Values and support of independent business owners. As your County Commissioner, you can depend that I will bring these same values in my service to the County.” Pam Manney


NH Liberty Alliance – A+

National Rifle Association – A

NH House Republican Alliance – 90%

Cornerstone Policy Research Action – 100%

NH National Federation of Independent Business’s – 100%

Pam Is a Republican seeking office for County Commissioner of Hillsborough County, District 3.

Pam is serving her second term in the NH House of Representatives.

Pam is in a contested primary. She asks that Republicans and Undeclared voters take the Republican ticket and vote Pamela Manney for County Commissioner on Tuesday, September 9th. Log onto for more information on where Pam’s stands on the issue.