Holden For County Commissioner - Re-Elect Carol For County Commissioner

I urge the voters to re-elect Carol Holden as the Hillsborough County Commissioner in District3. It was my pleasure to serve with Carol for the ten years on the Board of Commissioners.

Hillsborough County is in excellent fiscal shape due to the policy changes that we were able to put into effect. The tax rate has been stabilized. The county has not had to borrow in anticipation of taxes for 8 years. Union contracts have been settled. New technology has been utilized for better service. The County offices are centralized on the first floor of the Bouchard Building with the Goffstown District Court moving into the second floor of this historic building.

Carol has represented the citizens of the district well. Together we were able to effect positive change and I encourage you to cast your vote in the Republican Primary for Carol Holden. Please visit her website www.carolholden.org for further information.

Rhona M. Charbonneau