Holden For Hillsborough County Commissioner - Commissioner Holden Is Taxpayer's Best Friend

As a member of the Hillsborough County legislative delegation executive committee, I decided this past spring that it was important to attend the budget hearings on each and every county department. I was the only Rep to do this but it was well worth the time and effort. The number one thing I learned was that Commisssioner Carol Holden is best friend property taxpayers have in this county. Since I'm from Manchester and she represents the towns, Carol is not my Commissioner, but I shudder to think how county taxpayers would suffer were she not on the job. She is always on the lookout for more efficiencies in county spending, and I hope voters in the towns will give her the nod in the September 9 Republican primary. Sadly her opponent, who is a current State Rep, was always voting for more and more unnecessary spending and bloated government, not inthe Republican or New Hampshire tradition.

When we receive our property tax bills in the mail, we are often struck by the lines for town and school services, often overlooking the line for county government. We do so at our peril. Of the $85 million county budget this year, $45.63 million is raised by property tax dollars, split among all the towns on a per capita basis. That 2.9 percent increase over last year isn't bad compared to increases at the state and local level, but be warned. It would be a much larger increase were it not for the tireless efforts of Commissioner Holden.


Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, Hills. 15

161 Faith Lane

Manchester, NH 03103