NHLA - Candidate Endorsements List

The NHLA is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. We do this by encouraging private charity, a civil society, and citizen involvement. We also support pro-liberty candidates and causes with money and volunteers.

During the legislative session, a group of dedicated members works to review every single bill coming from both the house and the senate. Each bill is reviewed and rated for such things as its adherence to the NH constitution and if its effect on liberty. Our purpose in reviewing bills is to give feedback to the legislature and to the voters. A direct corollary of the Bill Review process is the NHLA Liberty Rating. A “report card” awarding a letter grade to each Representative and Senator resulting from a summary evaluation of collected Role Call votes.
The following candidates have earned endorsement from the NHLA
Laurie Boyce Bel 5
Sue Wernette Car 1
Gene Chandler Car 1
Joseph Fleck Car 5
Dino Scala Car 5
Dawn Lincoln Ches 1
Varrin Swearingen Ches 3
Thomas Simmons Ches 5
Brien Ward Graf 1
Michelle Clark Graf 6
Paul Mirski Graf 10
Bob Hull Graf 10
Charles Marshall Graf 11
David Recupero Hill 2
Ronald Scaccia Hill 3
Reece Roberts Hill 3
Frank Holden Hill 4
William O'Brien Hill 4
Henry Mullaney Hill 4
Bob Mead Hill 4
Stephen Palmer Hill 6
Robert Rowe Hill 6
Gary Daniels Hill 6
Lisa Wilber Hill 7
Calvin Pratt Hill 7
Sagir Tahir Hill 9
Cameron DeJong Hill 9
Charles Therrien Hill 9
Muni Savyon Hill 10
Kathleen Souza Hill 11
Michael Biundo Hill 15
Mark Krochmal Hill 16
Phil Greazzo Hill 17
Joel Winters Hill 17
Rich Tomasso Hill 17
Connie Soucy Hill 17
Tammy Simmons Hill 17
Jonathan Teeling Hill 17
Keith Murphy Hill 17
Jerry Bergevin Hill 17
Jane Aitken Hill 18
Moe Villeneuve Hill 18
Ken Hawkins Hill 18
Jacqueline Casey Hill 25
Bill Schmidt Hill 26
Roland LaPlante Hill 26
David Murotake Hill 26
Jordan Ulery Hill 27
Lars Christiansen Hill 27
Peter Goyette Hill 27
Russ Ober Hill 27
Shawn Jasper Hill 27
Andy Renzullo Hill 27
Will Albenzi Hill 27
Steve Hellwig Hill 27
Lynne Ober Hill 27
Bob Haefner Hill 27
Morey Straus Hill
Anne Copp Merr 1
Richard Kennedy Merr 4
Jennifer Coffee Merr 6
Kevin Roll Merr 7
Brian Seaworth Merr 7
Tony Marino Merr 7
Carol McGuire Merr 8
Dan McGuire Merr 8
Bradley Jardis Merr 9
Dick Marple Merr 9
Myril Cox Merr 10
John Kalb Merr 12
Pamela Ean Merr 12
Garret Ean Merr 12
John Reagan Rock 1
Paul Comeau Jr. Rock 1
Brian Stucker Rock 1
Jason Bedrick Rock 4
DJ Bettencourt Rock 4
David Dalrymple Rock 4
Marilinda Garcia Rock 4
Mary Griffin Rock 4
Russell Ingram Rock 4
Charles McMahon Rock 4
Mark Pearson Rock 4
Anne Priestley Rock 4
David Bates Rock 4
Brian Chirichiello Rock 5
Kevin Reichard rock 5
James Rausch Rock 5
Phyllis Katsakiores Rock 5
George Katsakiores Rock 5
Bob Fesh Rock 5
John Gleason Rock 5
John Sedensky Rock 8
Jack Thorsen Rock 16
Warren Goddard 16
Pamela Tucker Rock 17
Will Smith Rock 18
Evelyn Logan Str 1
Warren Groen Str 1
Bernhard McKay Str 1
Timothy Logsdon Str 2
Dave Mincin Str 3
Jim Forsythe Str 3
Carol Vita Str 3
Spec Bowers Sull 3
Russell Pope Sull 5