Obama For President - NH Campaign Announces Former McCain Supporters For Obama Co-Chairs

MANCHESTER—Today, as Republicans gathered in the Twin Cities for the Republican National Convention, Senator Obama’s campaign in New Hampshire announced Former McCain Supporters for Obama and its co-chairs. This grassroots organization of former New Hampshire McCain supporters will be backing Sen. Obama in November and coordinating outreach to fellow former McCain supporters throughout the state between now and Election Day.

Earlier this week, George Bush enthusiastically passed the torch to the man who he believes will carry on his legacy for the next four years— his disastrous economic policies, his foreign policy that hasn’t made us safer, and his misguided war in Iraq that’s costing us $10 billion a month. The man George Bush needs may be John McCain, but the change New Hampshire— and America— needs is Barack Obama.

"Supporting the 2008 McCain was never even a consideration for me. The two McCains are vastly different, and the times are different, as well,” said Bette Bramante. “For me, Senator Obama represents America's success, generosity and compassion, and above all, his leadership will bring the opportunity to achieve our dreams within the grasp of each American."

Co-Chairs for Former McCain Supporters for Obama:

John Hutson, Bow: Hutson, a supporter of Sen. McCain in 2000, and a registered Republican until October 2007, changed his party affiliation to vote for Sen. Obama in the primary. Last week, Dean Hutson addressed the Democratic National Convention regarding his decision to leave the Republican Party and support Sen. Obama. Hutson is currently Dean and President of the Franklin Pierce Law Center, and served in the United States Navy from 1972-2000,obtaining the rank of Rear Admiral and assuming duties as the Judge Advocate General in May 1997.

Michael Hill, Pittsfield: Hill, a State Representative from Pittsfield, served as the Republican Deputy Speaker of the House from 1990 to 1993. He currently serves as the President of the New Hampshire Hospital Association. Hill supported and voted for John McCain in 2000 and is now supporting Senator Obama. Hill served on Obama’s New Hampshire Health Care Community Steering Committee in the primary.

Elizabeth (Bette) Bramante, Durham:. Bramante supported and voted for McCain in 2000 but is now supporting Senator Obama. Bramante is a former teacher and, along with her husband, Fred Bramante, currently owns a small business in Durham.

Barbara Pressly, Nashua: Pressly supported and voted for John McCain in 2000, even hosting a house party for him at her home in Nashua. However, in 2008 she decided to support Obama and served as the co-chair of Nashua for Obama in the primary. Pressly is a long-time public servant who has served the voters of the Granite State as a State Senator, State Representative, and an Alderman-at-Large. Pressly was a Navy wife for nearly 20 years and has lived all across the world.