Sierra Club - New Campaign Urges Congress to Support Clean Energy instead of Big Oil Giveaways

Concord, NH—As the leadership of the Republican party gathers in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Sierra Club and other environmental groups have launched a new campaign to highlight how the Republican leadership in Congress’ repeated opposition to clean energy and their consistent support of taxpayer subsidies for big oil companies is evidence Big Oil’s chokehold American energy policy.

The Sierra Club is calling on the public to tell Congress to end Big Oil’s influence and instead pass a bold, balanced and comprehensive clean energy plan next week when Representatives return to Washington.

“The Republican leadership in Congress has spent two years blocking progress on clean energy and doling out subsidies to big oil,” said Catherine Corkery, NH Sierra Club Chapter Director. “Now they are looking to return to Washington and call for more drilling on the industry’s behalf. It’s time for the Republican leadership to stop being paid for by big oil and start working for the American people. They need pass the balanced, comprehensive energy legislation put forward by Speaker Pelosi.”

Big Oil has funneled millions of dollars into campaign coffers to put forward a pro-oil industry energy agenda, and to protect more than $13 billion in government giveaways to the oil industry—even as they rake in tens of billions in record profits. This campaign will highlight some of the biggest recipients of oil industry funds.

In addition to grassroots efforts on the ground, the campaign will include both print and web-based paid media, a website and web video, phone banking, and a national petition. The petition will call on Congress to boost production of clean energy and end subsidies for oil companies.

The upcoming debate in Congress will call the bluff of drilling supporters, forcing them to admit whether they really want to move America forward or simply want to continue helping the oil companies. Offshore drilling won't lower gas prices today, tomorrow, or even a decade from now and will simply benefit Big Oil's bottom line instead of helping hardworking Americans.

The new legislation that Speaker Pelosi has outlined includes crucial clean energy solutions and other important measures that will make America more energy independent; offer consumers relief at the pump; and will force drilling supporters to admit whether they really want to help Americans or the Big Oil companies.