Bosse For Congress - Horn Calls Calls Bosse’s Work for Sununu Part of the Problem

(Salem) Republican Grant Bosse today questioned Jennifer Horn’s commitment to helping the New Hampshire Republican ticket in November following her attack on Bosse and Senator John Sununu as “Washington insiders” at last night’s Granite State Debate. When asked which part of Bosse’s extensive resume disqualified him to represent his neighbors, Horn failed to name specifics, but mocked Bosse’s five years of experience on Sununu’s staff working on Social Security, the federal budget, and energy policy.

“If Jennifer Horn thinks John Sununu is part of the problem, how she can be part of the solution this fall? John Sununu and John McCain have been fighting for lower taxes and against pork-barrel spending for years,” Bosse said. “The only true thing that Jennifer Horn said about me last night was that I’m proud of my work for Senator Sununu. She hurled it as an insult. I accept it as a compliment.”

Bosse worked in Sununu’s Washington office from 2003 to 2008, helping to draft the Ryan-Sununu Social Security Savings Act. More recently, he specialized in energy and environmental policy, aiding Sununu’s efforts on energy independence and climate change.

Horn’s lack of commitment to the Republican ticket extends even higher. In an interview for the HDNet program “Dan Rather Reports”, Horn levied an insult at Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, saying “I think that his pandering does bother me, it’s one of the big issues I have with Senator McCain right now.” She has also touted the endorsement of comedian Jackie Mason, who considers McCain a "lowlife".

“Jennifer Horn thinks working for John Sununu makes you part of the problem, and that John McCain is a panderer,” Bosse continued. “Why should Republicans support Jennifer Horn while she undermines John McCain and John Sununu to further her own political ambitions?”

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