David S. Recupero launches Write-in candidacy for State Representative

David S. Recupero announced his Write-in candidacy for State Representative from Goffstown and Weare at the Goffstown-Weare Republican committee meeting on August 28th 2008.

David Recupero fully supports the Republican Platform and State Representative candidates Neal M. Kurk, Calvin D. Pratt, Russell Day, Larry Emerton, John Hikel, Rip Holden, and Gary Hopper.

Mr. Recupero supports Second Amendment rights, Traditional family values, Limited government, and Reduced spending; he is against raising taxes.

Mr. Recupero has been endorsed by Neal M. Kurk, Pam Manney, Calvin D. Pratt, Russell Day, John Hikel, Larry Elliot, and Gary Hopper .

Mr. Recupero like many other Republicans is concerned by the candidacy of David Martin; according to Rep. Hopper, David Martin tried to run as a Democrat and filed as a Republican because he was not a registered Democrat.

David Recupero urges all voters in the September 9th primary to Write In his name instead of David Martin’s.

David Recupero was a two time delegate to the Republican State Convention. Mr. Recupero is a resident of Weare who has family and friends who are long time residents of Weare. He is 25 years old, a former Real Estate Agent, a Justice of the Peace, and a Trustee of Trusts Funds for the Town of Deering.

He is currently a sophomore at Magdalen College in Warner, NH and can be reached at electRecu@gmail.com or at his website http://www.electrecu.com/