LPNH - Susan Newell on Ballot for Governor's Race

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire nominated Susan “Liberty Sue” Newell, of Winchester, as its 2008 candidate for governor. The party submitted 4,485 voter signatures to the Secretary of State this month, well over the 3000 required to qualify for the ballot. Newell joins Ken Blevens, Bob Kingsbury, Chet Lapointe and Bob Barr at the top of the Libertarian ticket on the November ballot.

Newell, 58, is a lifelong New Hampshirite and a magna cum laude graduate of the University of New Hampshire. She has served the people of Winchester on the planning board, been town moderator, chairman of the select board, and chairman of the budget committee. Professionally, she was vice president of Kelley Company and has owned and has operated her own graphic design business since 1990.

Newell believes we need more parties and more candidates. “Republican vs. Democrat isn’t choice, it’s just ‘more of the same’ vs. ‘even more of the same.’ People deserve real options and real opportunities to affect their government.”

Newell has battled chronic fatigue syndrome for the last decade. When asked how her illness would affect her campaign she replied, “I will rely heavily on the Internet to spread my message. The Net is open 24 hours a day. I can reach far more people through their computers, at times they choose, than I could with any amount of frenzied running around the state.” She’ll also draw on party activists. “Since libertarianism is based on sound moral principles, almost any libertarian can discuss why less government equates to better living for everyone.”

Asked if her health would affect her ability to lead state government, Newell responded, “From my experience with local government, it will have to run at twice its normal speed to keep up with what I will do over the phone from my easy chair.” With a wry smile, she added, “Having to budget my energies should help me stick to my personal motto: first do no harm.”

Asked whether she would take the renowned New Hampshire pledge, she offered, “I’ll go further. I pledge to veto any tax increase and any new restriction on individuals or businesses. I also pledge to sign any bill that cuts taxes, relaxes regulations, or privatizes functions commandeered by the government — particularly state monopolies, such as education, liquor sales, and gambling.”

Newell summed up her philosophy in a few words: “Always tell the truth, always act on principle, always do the right thing — even when it isn’t the easy thing. That way your actions are predictable, accountable, and defensible. My position on individual liberties is simple: ‘No harm, no foul.’ If you aren’t hurting anyone, the government should stay out of your life.”

Newell and her husband Whip, a self-employed logger and professional ski patroller at Mt. Sunapee, have lived on their tree farm in Winchester since 1981. They share their home with their Norwegian elkhound, affectionately known as Mr. M.

Newell expands on her libertarian principles at www.LibertySue.org