Manney For County Commissioner - Manney Endorsed by Voter Information Group

Pam Manney for County Commissioner announces the endorsement of the Goffstown Residents Association ; a local, nonpartisan voter information organization.

“Pam Manney has a long history of public service. She has the experience and dedication to best serve the County as its Commissioner. We urge voters, Republicans and Undeclared, to take the Republican ballot and vote Pam Manney for County Commissioner.” Guy Caron, President, Goffstown Residents Association

“I am pleased to be endorsed by the Goffstown Residents Association. The GRA is a nonpartisan voter information organization that weighs all issues and endorses those candidates that they believe will best serve the district for which the candidate is running. I am honored they have chosen me as that candidate.” Pam Manney

Pam is a candidate for County Commissioner, Hillsborough County, District 3.

She has a contested primary on Tuesday, September 9.

Her platform includes: Open Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Respect for the Taxpayers, Respect for County Workers, Communication and accessibility to her constituents.

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