Stephen For Congress - Former House Speaker Marshall Cobleigh Endorses John Stephen

Former House Speaker Marshall Cobleigh today endorsed John Stephen for the 1st District Congressional seat, saying "John Stephen has a proven record as a strong defender of the taxpayer and set the standard in state government for fiscal responsibility. He is a leader we can trust and he will listen to the people who send him to Washington to reform and drastically change the old boy network who constantly fight to embarrass each other rather than solve the problems facing America."

"John Stephen understands that hard working New Hampshire taxpayers are uneasy about the economy and the high unemployment rate; high interest rates; and a huge federal deficit. Stephen feels the pain of families who now have to pay $30 to $50 dollars every time they fill their gas tank because members of Congress like Jeb Bradley and Nancy Pelosi both voted five times against drilling in Alaska and offshore that would have lowered the skyrocketing gas prices the wreck the family budget."

"His oponent Jeb Bradley is bringing dirty Washington politics to New Hampshire when be falsely states Stephen hiked spending at Health and Human Services by $438 million dollars. Bradley as a former legislator like myself knows all too well that the legislature sets the budget for all NH agencies not the commissioners. He also knows that most of the increase budget came because of the receipt of federal grants to help the needy. Did Jeb Bradley want Stephen to not use the funds that Bradley voted for? Bradley also knows and ignored the fact that John Stephen actually for the first time in history returned $143 Million back to the state treasury to aid our taxpayers.

Bradley's blatently dishonest advertising also trumpets a bunch of NH county officials who are mad because John Stephen cut their nursing home budgets by making it possible for a lot of our elderly citizens to live out their last remaining years at home with less expensive to the taxpayers home health care rather than incarcerating them in county nursing homes."

"I shall vote for John Stephen because he has the character to fight for New Hampshire values and will work to reform Washington along with John McCain and Sarah Palin."