NH GOP - After Decades Of Fighting Nuclear Power, Shaheen Flips Position

CONCORD, NHIn an interview with Foster’s Daily Democrat this weekend, Jeanne Shaheen flip-flopped her position on yet another major policy issue, claiming that she supports nuclear power after decades of opposing it. Despite omitting nuclear energy as component of her previously released energy proposals, Shaheen now says that nuclear power would be an important part of her plan if elected to the Senate.

Throughout her political career Shaheen has been a staunch opponent of nuclear energy, claiming that it is “not a safe way to generate power.” She has also worked with radical extremist groups to stonewall the construction of any new nuclear power plants, resulting in higher utility rates for New Hampshire families.

“Jeanne Shaheen has been one of the biggest obstructionists to expanding nuclear power in this country. Now with energy prices at record levels, she is engaging in yet another election year flip-flop, claiming that nuclear power ‘should be part of the mix,’” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“Shaheen’s evolving positions on a litany of major issues ranging from taxes, to energy policy to the war in Iraq have revealed her complete lack of core principles and intellectual consistency. With her shameless flip-flop on nuclear power, Jeanne Shaheen has once again demonstrated that she will do and say anything to get elected. Granite Staters have learned not to trust her empty political rhetoric and hollow campaign promises.”


Shaheen Has Indicated That Nuclear Power Would Be Key Component Of Her Energy Plan:

Shaheen: Nuclear power will be “part of the mix,” (Fosters Daily Democrat, 9/6/08)

However, Jeanne Shaheen Has Been A Consistent Critic Of Nuclear Power During Her Political Career:

Shaheen: “What Chernobyl and Three Mile Island have shown us is nuclear power is not a safe way to generate power.” (United Press International10/12/1986)

Shaheen’s Efforts To Fight Nuclear Power Resulted In Higher Utility Rates And Less Energy Production:

Former Governor Steve Merrill: “Not only does [Jeanne Shaheen] have a record of supporting broad based taxes and bigger government, but this is the same Senator Shaheen who worked hard to delay the construction of the Seabrook nuclear plant, which in turn resulted in the high utility rates we are experiencing today,” (The Union Leader,10/13/1995)

Former Speaker Marshall Cobleigh : “Long time NH residents know that she and I were weekly regulars on Channel 9’s Close Up program for ten years and I have many of the tapes of those programs. Those tapes show Shaheen fighting fiercely to hamstring nuclear licensing regulations.” (Union Leader, 7/3/2008)

Cobleigh: “In today’s world China is scheduled to build 50 Nuclear Reactors by the year 2020; Russia has scheduled to build 26 nuclear reactors; and India is scheduled to build enough nuclear reactors to meet 1/4 of the electricity needs of its one billion people. Meanwhile thanks to Shaheen’s and others opposition the United States has not built a nuclear plant in 31 years.” (Union Leader, 7/3/2008)

Jeanne Shaheen Organized Radical Anti-Nuclear Activists For Paul McEachern’s 1986 Gubernatorial Campaign:

The Boston Globe : “McEachern, a Portsmouth lawyer, has been part of the legal team fighting to prevent Seabrook from generating electricity. His campaign manager, Jeanne Shaheen, an experienced organizer who has achieved previous upset victories, said yesterday that she felt Sununu's support of Seabrook would be his downfall.” (Boston Globe, 9/10/1986)

The Washington Post : “McEachern's campaign manager. Jeanne Shaheen, a quiet, auburn-haired, awesomely focused mother of three, steered Gary Hart to his stunning upset victory in the l984 New Hampshire primary. She is lining up the anti-nuclear forces, which have kept Seabrook at bay for 10 years.” (Washington Post, 9/14/1986)