Londonderry Stimulus Project - Londonderry Seeks Federal Funds to open 1000 Acre Industrial Zone

Londonderry, NH -- The Town of Londonderry, New Hampshire submitted to their US Senators and Congressional Delegation a Pettengill Road project improvement plan seeking Federal funds. The economic stimulus funds are expected to be released shortly after the new Obama administration starts work next week. According to Community Development Director Andre Garron, "This project best aligns with the goals of the proposed economic stimulus package which is aimed at creating construction jobs, improving infrastructure and stimulating economic development, ultimately leading to permanent jobs."

As outlined in the application the Pettengill Road project will:

  • Open up over 1,000 acres to economic development
  • Allow 4.6 million square feet of new building construction
  • Create hundreds of infrastructure construction jobs
  • Lead to 4,000 to 6,000 permanent jobs
  • Connect to the Airport Access Road
  • Access the largest industrial land area in Southern New Hampshire

"The cost of the project is $12.3 Million. If the economic stimulus funds become available, Londonderry has a project ready, with plans and engineering complete. This regional development will ultimately result in a 1000 acre industrial park adjacent to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport." said Dave Caron, Londonderry Town Manager.


The vacant land in the vicinity of Pettengill Road is considered among the best industrial property in Southern NH. However, the lack of access to a major arterial road makes this land challenging to develop. The upgrade of Pettengill Road and connection to the Airport Access Road (under construction) will correct this problem and will act as a catalyst towards continuing private commercial and industrial development.


Over one million square feet of investment has been made in the area since 2000, including new construction or expansions at Insight Technology, Stonyfield Yogurt, Buderus, SIS Inc., Penske, Harvey Industries and Coca Cola.

Londonderry, New Hampshire is a community of 25,000 located in Southern New Hampshire 45 miles north of Boston. The community is a blend of farmland, homes, commercial and industrial development located on interstate 93. Town and School services are award winning in the region for innovation and excellence in the public service area