NetRight Daily - Pork Bowl Sunday Wrap-Up

Pork Bowl Warp Up: Yesterday, while America watched their heroes of the gridiron battle it out over yards and inches, there was another battle being waged in the hallowed halls of Congress. And as usual, it was between the few who wish to protect the American taxpayer, and those who wish to take him and her for every cent their worth. It wasn’t even close.


Union Backed Ponzi Scheme: Great video, make sure to pass this around to everyone you know!


Rescinding Promises: Mr. Obama is not even sworn in yet and he is already making changes to the platform of issues that he promised he would deliver to the American people.


Roy Blunt (R-MO) Rejoins House Leadership: Both Politico reports and Roll Call have reported that Republican Leader John A. Boehner (OH) rewarded Missouri Rep. Roy Blunt this weekend for making that decision by formally naming him to a newly established leadership post.


The NetRight Union News Daily Update: In this edition we show you how union-backed fraud group buries democracy, expose another corruption union politician and an anti-social justice experiment comes to an end.


A Call to Action: Every day in Washington’s political citadels, a new coalition triumphantly announces its emergence as the self-anointed savior of the increasingly moribund conservative movement. Or, some old organization “re-invents” itself and declares that it is now ready to lead as never before