NetRight Daily: McConnell to Coburn: You're On Your Own

McConnell to Coburn: After Sunday’s Pork Bowl, it is time that the Senate GOP step aside and consider who they have as their leader. The answer is—nobody!


Democrats Stamp Out Democracy on Capitol Hill: We know Democratic lawmakers have taken their bully-boy tactics too far when even The Washington Post worries about the lack of civility in the 111th Congress.


The GOP Needs to Reach Out to Youth: RPLAC, other Republican organizations, and Republicans in general have to reach out to young people (not just those of voting age) by articulating conservatism and explaining what it means.


Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) Energy Flap: Recently-elected Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) recently conducted an odd stunt to promote some electric car technology apparently being developed in his district. He wanted to drive an electric car from his district to his swearing-in at the Capitol in D.C. Problem is, the distance between those two points is out of the car's range.


Today's cartoon comes from the post, Note from Mugabe: