CEI Weekly: Geithner and Putin

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VIDEO: Marlo Lewis on Global Warming & the Economy

Marlo Lewis featured on BBC World News


VIDEO: Chris Horner and “Red Hot Lies” on Book TV

Chris Horner featuredon C-SPAN



VIDEO: Chris Horner and “Red Hot Lies” on Book TV, Part 2

Chris Horner featured on C-Span



Bailout Big Three By Cutting Red Tape

Iain Murray featured in Detroit News



Green wacko Tobacco

Chris Horner featured in Human Events


Laffer Gas

William Yeatman and Jeremy Lott in Culture 11



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Breitbart.com -- Myron Ebell


Washington Times -- Chris Horner


The Corner -- John Berlau


KOVR—CBS Sacramento -- Chris Horner



OneNewsNow -- Iain Murray



Tyler Morning Telegraph -- Myron Ebell



>>Best of the Blogs

Geithner should withdraw nomination for failure to pay self-employment taxes

by John Berlau

"Treasury Secretary Nominee Timothy Geithner’s failure to pay four years’ worth of self-employment taxes for Social Security and Medicare is absolutely astonishing. And as more details are released, Geithner’s actions seem even more disturbing."



Vladimir Putin: Chevron’s Man of the Year?

by Sam Kazman

"I don’t know what the situation is in other areas, but Chevron’s use-less-energy ads, launched last fall, are still thick and heavy in the DC area. Its campaign, dubbed 'Will You Join Us?', shows people promising to use their cars less and 'unplug things more.'"


Stimulus Roadblock

by Julie Walsh

"They’ve waited for this day. Billions of dollars potentially at their disposal. But the environmentalists may not be able to use it because of something they themselves created: NEPA."



Stimulating Who, Exactly?

by Iain Murray

"Building on his post on National Review Online where he pointed out the tension between 'stimulus' infrastructure spending and existing environmental regulation, Iain Murray suggests that the only way for the President-elect to avoid choosing one liberal goal over another is to embrace a tax-cutting, deregulatory stimulus."



Why State Funded Energy R&D Doesn’t Work

by William Yeatman

"The fundamental shortcoming of government funded 'r&d' is government’s inability to successfully perform the 'd' part. That’s the process by which an innovation (itself a product of the 'research' component) is brought to the market and made economically viable."




LibertyWeek Episode 25: The Silver Lining to the News

Our 25th episode starts with timely events from years past in The Day in Wikipedia, and then moves quickly into the latest, newest New Mexican news about Gov. Bill Richardson’s municipal bond scandal. We return to the salty seas to see some Somali pirates get their karmic comeuppance, listen to the bailout blather du jour coming out of Washington and New York and stand strong against attempts to demonize those violent video games we love so well. With that down, we congratulate the winners of the Golden Globes and finally turn to our Special Guest for a discussion of the President-Elect’s energy and environment team. We round out the show, as always, with an encouraging bit of Olympic News.