Heritage Foundation - Stop the Spending Spree

Heritage Calls on Washington to Stop ItsSpendingSpree


Congress reconvened in Washington last weekandis preparing for the inauguration of President-elect Obama. At the top oftheir to do listisa $665-675 billion economicstimulus package - a package that no one outside of Democratic leadershipinner circles has seen.


While history has proven that government spending does little, if anything, to stimulate the economy, the new Congress and President insist on passing this planin February.


The Heritage Foundation is producing important research during the stimulus consideration. Heritage experts JD Foster and Bill Beach write that a better alternative would be pro-growth tax policiesthat leave the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts in place and provided rate reductions for corporations and small business owners. Alison Fraser explains that budget and entitlement reforms are necessary for long-term economic stability. Dan Lips notes thatstate spendingflexibilityfor federalprograms, like education, is preferable to state government bailouts. And, in a list of stimulus do’s and don’ts, Nicola Moore finds the overall size of the stimulus spending proposal is troublesome.


Is your state facing a budget shortfall asking for a bailout? Please share any wasteful spending stories with us that helped put you in this position.


Questions for Cabinet Nominees


Heritage is alsowatching the nominations for President-elect Obama’s cabinet to see what direction they intend to help lead this country.In advance of each hearing, we are offering five key questionsthe nominee should answer.


Key Questions for Janet Napolitano, Nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security

Key Questions for Steven Chu, Nominee for Secretary of Energy

Key Questions for Senator Tom Daschle, Nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services
Key Questions for Hilda Solis, Nominee for Secretary of Labor

Key Questions for Senator Hillary Clinton, Nominee for Secretary of State

Key Questions for Arne Duncan, Nominee for Secretary for U.S. Department of Education

Key Questions for Susan E. Rice, Nominee for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Key Questions for Ken Salazar, Nominee for Department of Interior


Check www.heritage.org regularly overthe next two weeks for new questions to the nominees.


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Right now on the InsiderOnline you will find blog posts on the 2009 Index of Economic Freedom which was released yesterday. The Index has data from 183 countries around the world and finds that the United States slipped one spot in the rankings from 5th to 6thversus 2008.

Change WE Believe In


Heritage analysts continue to call on the President-elect to actuallyfollow through on public statements he made thatsupportconservative principles we agree with. Here you will find a short memo and a short video explaining the Heritage positions on everything from private property to education, health care, energy and more.



Thank you for what you do for freedom. And please, continue to let us know what’s happening in your state on these and other critical issues.