Liberty Restoration Project - Asking for your support in 2009

I am writing to let you know a little about what I have been pouring my heart and soul into for the past year and to ask your support in 2009. I have spent the past year really learning about myself and finding a focus for my energy. In fact, I can honestly say that 2008 was the most educational, inspirational, and successfulyear of my life. Much of my time was devoted to politics in some way or another; most specifically devoted to an organization called the Liberty Restoration Project (LRP). I founded LRP last spring and have been working myself to the point of exhaustion these past fewmonthsto buildmomentum for our message here in Kansas City.

If you don't know much about our organization, the Liberty Restoration Project (LRP) is compromised of a politically diverse group of concerned citizens who have decided to break down the arbitrary barriers (such as political parties) that divide us and work together as American Citizens to improve our country, starting as locally as possible. The members of our organization care about freedom, liberty and the constitution and have been working in the Kansas City area for just under a year to restore all three.


Please take the time to look over some of the projects we are working on in 2009 (attached). We are trying to raise aboutthirty thousand dollars. I have never taken on something so huge and really need your support. I know times are tough economically for many of us, so if you are unable to make a financial contribution (, or unable to contribute your time/energy,please send your prayers and positive thoughts.

 I have sacrificed a lot this past year (my financial situation, relationships with friends and family, my social life, my hobbies and free time) and plan to make even greater sacrifices during 2009. While I am making decisions that will probably affect the remainder of my life, I am confident that our message will bring us the support we need to find success this year.

 You can access the plan in its entirety at: via the attachment. The two projects I am most excited about are the Liberty Work House and LRP Distributors (t-shirt store). I pasted theinformation on those projectsdirectly below my signature in this email.

Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested in what we are working on!

 If you are interested in getting involved, please let me know!!!!