NetRight Daily: Shape of things to come?

Shape of things to come?: April 1, 2013 -Unemployment is approaching 25 percent, inflation is close to 40 percent, major portions of the U.S. are having power "brownouts," and Americans are forced to go to foreign countries for timely and quality medical care. How did the world's largest and most prosperous economy fall into such a morass in only a very few years?


Hearings and Evasions: You might think a confirmation hearing for, say, the labor secretary would elicit her views on, say, labor issues. Not, it seems, in the case of Barack Obama's nominee, California Democratic Rep. Hilda Solis.


Barricading the Road to Serfdom: It appears the House Republican Conference has strongly countered the Obama-Reid-Pelosi $825 billion debt stimulus with a proposal of their own—in this case, a true economic stimulus package. It’s a plan that will could halt the current cascade to socialism, and reverse the rush down the road to serfdom.


Economic Recovery Press Conference: This video was shot earlier today and features House GOP Whip Eric Cantor with Mitt Romney and Meg Whitman after the economic recovery solutions meeting.


SCHIP & The States - Another Bailout Boondoggle: When bad press for multi-billion dollar bailouts has got you down, there’s nothing quite like a government program “for the children” to put things right again – particularly when the new President needs a quick victory to get his “Era of Bigger Government” of to a successful start.


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