NH GOP - The Road to 2010 Begins Now!

Today, I officially came out of ‘political retirement’ to accept election as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. I am doing this because our great state is being ruined by a Democrat Party which appears not to understand what makes New Hampshire special.


New Hampshire is facing a crisis... a crisis in management... a crisis in spending... a crisis in accountability.


Since the Democrats took control of the State House:

The State Budget Has Produced Our Largest Deficit Ever!

New Hampshire’s Education Funding Crisis Remains Unresolved!

The Quality of NH State Services is Now Ranked As The Lowest in The Nation!

The State Retirement Fund is Facing a Multi-Billion Dollar Shortfall!


It is time for the Republican Party to bring back the New Hampshire principles of Low Taxes, Limited Government and Local Control.


If we want to fix this problem, we need to prepare for the 2010 election cycle with all the energy and all the commitment and all the resources we can gather. I hope to energize our constituencies and get our Party back on track. But this is an effort I cannot accomplish alone. It is time for all of us to get involved and contribute in every way we can.

Your financial support for our New Hampshire Republican Party is needed right now. The Democrats outspent us by 3 to 1 in the last election. Won’t you please take a moment to click the ‘Contribute Today’ link and join me in this very important effort?


Thank you very much. I look forward to an exciting and successful two years for the Republican Party.



John H. Sununu
NHRepublican State Committee