CEI Weekly: Madoff and the SEC

>>Shaping the Debate

Recycling in, garbage bailout?

Angela Logomasini featured in The DC Examiner


The SEC's new chief-to-be

John Berlau featured in The Washington Times



Time to Send the Bushies Home

Doug Dandow featured in The American Spectator



>>CEI in the News

National Review -- Richard Morrison


The Detroit News -- John Berlau


The Bulletin -- Myron Ebell



The News and Observer -- Eli Lehrer


Daily Times -- Myron Ebell



Rocky Mountain News -- Chris C. Horner


Hendrick's County Flyer -- Iain Murray



>>Best of the Blogs

Gold Is Not the Enemy – Poverty Is

by Silvia Santacruz

"the most important issue in this matter it is not the hunger for gold from India, or the millions in profits mining companies are making, but how a single industry can change the lives of thousands of the poor by providing job opportunities and basic services. Larger modern firms can also put an end to risky informal miners and children miners, who risk their lives everyday."


Madoff: Hiding in Plain Sight, Thanks to SEC

by John Berlau

"Madoff’s businesses were actually subject to a variety of financial regulations, something Madoff would actually use as a selling point to investors. Last year in a speech, Madoff said, 'In today’s regulatory environment, it’s virtually impossible to violate rules.'"



Prediction 2009: No Agreement at Copenhagen

by Iain Murray

"The global warming community have suggested for a while now that, given the almost-certain change in US administration policy on global warming (remember John McCain’s position), the conference of the Kyoto Treaty parties in 2009 at Copenhagen would result in a sea change in global action on greenhouse gas emissions . . . This is not going to happen."



So Who is Getting All of the Taxpayers’ Cash?

by Doug Bandow

"Amazing. Not only are trillions of dollars being passed around to bail out any business with at least a couple congressmen on its side. But the government won’t tell us who is getting how much or what they are doing with it."



Davis-Bacon from the Pork Barrel

by Ivan Orosio

"In today’s Wall Street Journal, the Brookings Institution’s Clifford Winston points out some critical pitfalls likely to face the infrastructure spending element of President-elect Obama’s 'stimulus' plan."




LibertyWeek Episode 23: Madoff About You

The biggest story Scandal Watch has seen yet – Bernard Madoff’s (allegedly) massive $50 billion (alleged) investment fraud, including its impact on non-profit organizations like The Innocence Project. We review another chapter from the Nanny State Diaries in which British drivers are being asked to give up control over their speedometers, and report of the scandalous spread of federal crime spurred on by the arrival of The Greatest Depression. Moving on to Technology News, we take the Australian government to task for their attempts at Internet censorship (thanks for the heads-up, World Socialist Web Site!) and discuss the controversy over new Top Level Domain names.