NH House Republican Alliance - Elects Leadership For 2009-2010 Session

New NHHRA Leaders Look Forward to Working with the House Republican Leaders to Present a Republican Alternative to the Fiscal Bungling and Extreme Social Policies of Legislative Democrats.


Concord, NH - On December 30, 2008 the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance elected its leaders for the upcoming legislative session.


Representative Nancy Elliot of Merrimack was re-elected as co-chair for a second session. Following the NHHRA tradition, Representatives Robert Mead and William O'Brien, both of whom represent Hillsborough County District 4 (Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, New Boston, Temple and Wilton), will join her as co-chairs, replacing Representatives D.J. Bettencourt and Andrew Renzullo. Rounding out the NHHRA leadership is Representative Laurie Boyce of Alton, who will continue her long-standing service as Secretary and Treasurer of the NHHRA.


Following the election, the Rep. Mead expressed the appreciation of all members of the NHHRA for the hard work and successful efforts of retiring co-chairs, Reps. Bettencourt and Renzullo. He noted that both have assumed positions of leadership with the House Republican Caucus, where they can continue to promote legislation that reflects the best interests of New Hampshire.


Representative Elliot thereafter noted that the upcoming legislative session is going to present particularly difficult issues for New Hampshire. As she said, "Despite New Hampshire tax revenue having increased this past legislative session, the reckless Democrat 17.5% increase in the current budget has produced a spending momentum that threatens to roll over the citizens of New Hampshire."


Representative O'Brien agreed and stated in addition, "Democrat legislative leadership and Gov. Lynch failed to prevent and, indeed, often promoted the extreme social and special interest laws enacted over the last session. Republicans in the NH House have their work cut out for them because we see more such radical and special interest legislation is being filed by the radical wing of the Democrat party. We look forward to working with the leadership of the House Republican caucus to protect the people of New Hampshire from these irresponsible fiscal and social policies."


The NHHRA is comprised of members of the NH House of Representatives striving for legislative support for bills supporting the NH and U.S. Constitutions and NH Republican party platform. For more information, please log onto http://www.nhhouserepublicanalliance.org