CAACP - LFOD Rally Location Pictures & Layout

Below is Layout for '09 Live Free Or Die Rally, 300 acre Grand View Inn, Jaffrey,N.H.:


A) Captain Morrill's Revolutionary Artillery Encampment (facing East)

B) Apple Seed Project Live Ammo Range (facing West)

C) Vendors Set Up Area #1

D) Stage & Bands Storage Building (Facing East)

E) 50+ Acre Field, Motorcycle Show,Campers,R.V.'s,Beer Tents,Vendors Set Up Area #2

F) 50+ Acre Horse Paddocks and Parking (5000 cars?)

G) Magnificent Grand View Inn and Pool

H) Fabulous (200 Cap.) Banquet Room & Patio, Bar, Spa, Shops, Office

I) Horse Livery Stables and Paddocks

J) Old Mountain Road Rt. 124 Easy Access

K) Camping Area and View From Entire Facility (Picture Does no justice)