NetRight Daily: A New Era?

A New Era?: IT WAS FAR FROM THE best speech Barack Obama has ever delivered. As an inaugural address, it won't be mentioned in the same breath as inaugural speeches by Presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt (Franklin), Kennedy, or Reagan. And Obama uncharacteristically rushed through the speech as if he was impatient to get the swearing-in ceremony over with.


Government Spending Won't Save Jobs: Over the weekend Larry Summers, President Obama’s director of the National Economic Council, made the claim that the national unemployment rate will not climb above 10% thanks to the stimulus bill that is being negotiated in Congress right now.


Bailout Needs "Pay to Play" Protection: Government intervention is at the root of the current economic scare, and a continued policy of intervention is to throw fuel on the fire. As the new administration plots an unalterable course to massive intervention in free market economics, in a plan to save us from ourselves, there is a general sense of resignation that generations of subversion of free market principles have left the American way just one more crisis away from extinction.


Gas Prices to Surge After Pelosi Legislation: Unbeknownst to most, January 11, 2009, was a red-letter day for TV network news. On that day – circle it, laminate your calendar, and tuck it away as a family heirloom – CBS News finally admitted that they had failed miserably to report on a story that was as obvious as the nose on everyone else’s face.