CEI Weekly: Inauguration and Stimulus

CEI Weekly

January22, 2009

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Barack Obama and the Price of Change



William Yeatman Responds to the Davos Forum


>>Shaping the Debate

VIDEO: Marlo Lewis on California’s Global Warming Regulation

Marlo Lewis featured on NOVA



VIDEO: John Berlau on the Auto Bailout

John Berlau featured on Fox News



Neglected Stimulus Ideas

John Berlau featured in National Journal Online



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Detroit News -- Sam Kazman



Huffington Post -- Myron Ebell



The Electricity Forum -- Myron Ebell



San Francisco Chronicle -- Myron Ebell



>>Best of the Blogs

The Not So Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly

by Jonathan Tolman

"Not all stimulus programs are created equal. If the goal of the latest economic bailout package that Congress is considering is as President Elect Obama has declared, job creation, there is a significant disparity between many of the programs"



Milton Friedman counters Kennedy inaugural–and Obama’s

by John Berlau

"Unfortunately, though, Obama mainly talked about individuals as a means to achieving collective goals. Left out were individual American dreams of building a business or a better life — which is what fights against state tyranny from the British stamp tax to Jim Crow laws have really been about."


Barack Obama’s ‘Digital Lines’ to Nowhere

by Ryan Radia

"Broadband is not a public good, and government should not be in the business of funding the development of networks for private use. Investment in broadband in the U.S. today may be below the socially optimal level, but this is the case because of too much government involvement in the marketplace, not too little of it."



Economic Hype We Can Believe In?

by Cord Blomquist

"Yet, it seems that the economy may not be in as bad a shape as some would have us believe. The Minneapolis Federal Reserve says that things aren’t that bad. In fact, they’ve made up some handy charts to prove it."



Britain Prays for Obama Miracle

by Iain Murray

"Over in the UK, their own financial mess is reaching genuine crisis levels. With a trillion dollar national debt, a currency crisis and their own bank bailout (the model Paulson followed) having conclusively failed, Britain is on the edge of bankruptcy."



Why Good Men Don’t Become President Anymore

by Ryan Young

"President-elect Obama became President Obama today. It is worth taking a minute to reflect on the nature of his office. Exactly what has he gotten himself into?"




LibertyWeek Episode 26: Inauguration Trepidation

Welcome to a very special Inaugural Edition of LibertyWeek with your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist, and Special Guest Ivan Osorio. We get started with The Day in Wikipedia and the Tweet of the Week, and then we discuss the many celebratory balls that can be found around town to mark the beginning of the new presidency. Bank of America headlines the next segment with its request for an additional $20 billion in bailout money, and then we look into what could become the first real scandal of the 44th President’s (first) term. Eventually we find our way to On the Waterfront with Ivan Osorio, where our favorite Editorial Director and labor policy analyst fills us in on the questionable activities of the Service Employees International Union and its President, Andy Stern. Finally, we take inspiration from the annals of Olympic News.



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