DNC announces key staff for Organizing for America

Mitch Stewart named Director

WASHINGTON, DC – In a video announcement sent to supporters and DNC activists today, Obama for America campaign manager David Plouffe introduced Mitch Stewart, who will serve as Director of Organizing for America.


Announced last week, Organizing for America will work in partnership with the DNC to continue to build, engage and strengthen the unprecedented organization that was built during the campaign and the grassroots network built over the past four years at the DNC. The joint partnership signifies the ongoing commitment to both building and strengthening the grassroots movement, and reaching out to people in all 50 states to engage Americans in this movement for change.


“I’m extremely pleased that Organizing for America will be housed here at the DNC. Working in partnership, we will seek to engage people in new ways, and to broaden what President Obama calls the ‘Coalition for Change’ in America,” said Governor Tim Kaine. “I know first-hand how important it is to reach out and engage the grassroots all across a state and all across our country.”


“As the election of President Obama has shown, the strength of our country comes from the grassroots -- but we can’t stop now,” said DNC Executive Director Jen O’Malley Dillon. “It’s more critical than ever that people across the country continue to be involved and engaged in their communities and helping to bring change to Washington.”


“The message we heard loud and clear from people across the country is that this movement must continue as we actively support President Obama’s agenda and continue to fight for the change our country needs,” said Organizing for America Director Mitch Stewart. “I’m deeply honored to be a part it of this next phase as the volunteers, grassroots leaders and ordinary citizens continue to drive our organization.”


In addition to Mitch Stewart, the DNC also announced that Jeremy Bird will serve as Deputy Director.


Mitch Stewart served as Iowa Caucus director, Indiana state director and Virginia state director for the Obama campaign. Before joining Obama's campaign, Stewart was the coordinated campaign manager for the Democratic Farm Labor party in Minnesota in 2006, when Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) won her race. In 2004, Stewart served as former South Dakota senator Tom Daschle's field director. He was also a regional field director in Iowa for former senator John Edwards' during his presidential bid in 2004.


Jeremy Bird served as Obama campaign field director in South Carolina during the primaries and general election director in Ohio.