AUFC Unveils New Video Urging Senator Gregg's Support for President Obama's Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan

Amid Worsening Economic Recession, Senator Gregg Urged to Support President Obama’s Major Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan

As Senate Prepares to Act on Obama Jobs Plan, Americans United for Change Unveils New Web Video Distributed to New Hampshire Constituents Calling on Gregg to Stand Up for Out-of-Work Families

Click Here to Watch Americans United for Change’s New Web Video: ‘Day and Night’:

Washington D.C. – Amid a worsening economic recession that left 2.6 million Americans without jobs last year and which threatens millions more jobs if nothing is done, Americans United for Change, which is helping lead a campaign of more than 30 progressive and labor organizations working to pass President Barack Obama’s ‘American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan,’ unveiled a new web video today that urges U.S. Senator Judd Gregg to stand up for struggling out-of-work New Hampshire families by supporting the Obama jobs plan -- a plan that will create or save three to four million jobs, strengthen our middle class, and improve the economy in the near and long term by making sound investments in state fiscal relief, health care, energy efficiency, transportation and schools.


On the heels of the Senate Finance Committee’s release Friday of its version of the Obama economic recovery plan that falls under its jurisdiction, Americans United for Change unveiled a new web video titled ‘Day and Night,’ which has been circulated to New Hampshire citizens through the AUFC mailing list, that features highlights from a recent speech by President Elect Obama and ends with a call to action, asking constituents to call Senator Gregg and tell him to support the Obama jobs and economic recovery plan. If Senator Gregg does not firmly commit his support to the plan soon, the web video will likely be turned into a paid television ad campaign. *See Script of ‘Day and Night’ below.


Brad Woodhouse, President of Americans United for Change: “The plan being offered by President Obama will put millions of middle-class Americans back to work quickly through solid and sound long-term investments in health care, energy efficiency, transportation and education. The eyes of New Hampshire and the nation are on members of Congress like Senator Gregg to move forward with Obama’s jobs plan as soon as possible to address the worsening economic recession that cost 2.6 million Americans their jobs last year. Senator Gregg possesses a key vote and his support for the Obama plan would go a long way towards ensuring swift passage of this vitally important plan to turn our economy around. We can not afford to slow down the process with the same old petty partisanship and political gamesmanship – the more delay in sending this major jobs and economic recovery plan to the President’s desk, the more Americans will lose their jobs and healthcare."


Launched on December 18th with nearly 50 events from coast to coast, the Campaign for Jobs and Economic Recovery is a coalition of more than 30 leading progressive groups and unions utilizing all the resources and techniques of a modern campaign to pass the Obama jobs plan. From grassroots and grass tops contacts, to phones, emails, web videos and paid advertising – this $4-5 million campaign aims to pressure key and potentially deciding votes in Congress and to build a movement for an overwhelming victory for this package so that the American people have confidence in the plan and its ability to help turn our economy around.