NetRight Daily: Obama's So-Called Stimulus

Obama's So-Called Stimulus: Great video from CATO Institute debunking Keynesian economics and the Obama stimulus package.


Spread the Wealth--A New School Grading Policy: Good afternoon students! I’m writing you this email to announce that I’m making some changes in the grading policies I announced two weeks ago when I sent an email with an attached course syllabus. As you know, we now have a new president and I thought it would be nice to align our class policies with some of the policies he will be implementing over the next four years.

Monday Wrap Up: From Nancy Pelosi to Senator Levin, there was a lot that happened in the world today.


Congress Must Stop the Stimulus: The $825 billion economic “stimulus” plan now being proposed by President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats could well result in a federal deficit in excess of $2 trillion for 2009. Which means that it is now up to Senate and House Republicans to make certain that the American people are not consigned to a future of permanent serfdom to foreign creditors.


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