NetRight Daily: 200 Economists Against The Stimulus

200 Economists Against The Stimulus: A letter will be placed in the Washington Post, NY Times and Roll Call tomorrow. This letter is signed by 200 economists declaring that more government involvement to the economic crisis will do nothing to solve the problem as well as refuting the claim that ALL economists are Keynesian. Hats off to these guys!

Robert Gibbs Defends National Mall Spending: This will only create work, not jobs/careers. This is all temporary. Dig a ditch, next day, fill it in. That's all this is and the best part is that the taxpayers foot the bill.

The Top-Ten Bottom Feeders: What do $21 million worth of sod, $650 million in digital TV coupons, and $4.19 billion to the notoriously corrupt ACORN conspiracy have to do with stimulating the economy? Most people would agree: Absolutely nothing.

Bigotry Uber Alles: Robert Reich – henceforth better known as the man who put the “Reich” back in “Reichsfuhrer” – has unburdened himself of the dictate that not one thin dime of President Obama’s new $825 billion “stimulus” package fall into the hands of skilled workers or qualified white folks. So, “Achtung” America!

Today's cartoon comes from this week's edition of Capitol South.