Blackwell For RNC Chair - RNC Members Uniting for Change

Arizona National Committeeman Bruce Ash Urges Members who Want Change to Unite with Blackwell

WASHINGTON, DC-- Today at the Republican National Committee 2009 Winter Meeting Arizona National Committeeman Bruce Ash urged members of the committee who seek a change in leadership to unite behind Ken Blackwell. His statement follows:

"I believe Ken Blackwell is the right leader at exactly the right time to lead and reform our party. Ken Blackwell is the logical change candidate with the stature and political philosophy to take the Obama Administration to task. Today I am urging members of the RNC who are supporting other "change" candidates to join me and a growing list of members in uniting behind Ken Blackwell."

The Blackwell campaign also announced that LA GOP Chairman Roger Villere, AZ National Committeeman Bruce Ash and campaign manager John Yob will be leading efforts to recruit other "change" supporters and campaigns to unite behind Ken Blackwell.