CEI Weekly: Attack of the Stimulus

BREAKING NEWS: 200 Economists Oppose the Stimulus Plan

CEI has been vocal in its opposition to the stimulus plan. Turns out, we're not alone. The Cato Institute has collected the signatures of 200 economists who believe that "Lower tax rates and a reduction in the burden of government are the best ways of using fiscal policy to boost growth."



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One Nation, Ungovernable?

A Bipartisan Agenda for Economic Liberalization & Restraint on Political Power


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VIDEO: John Berlau on Timothy Geithner's Tax Troubles

John Berlau featured on Fox News



VIDEO: John Berlau on Tim Geithner’s Qualifications

John Berlau featured on Fox News



Don't Just Shrink Government--Run It Right

Eli Lehrer featured in NewMajority.com



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The Miami Herald -- Eli Lehrer



National Underwriter -- Eli Lehrer



A.M. Best Wire -- Eli Lehrer



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The Thrilling Feeling of Spending Other People’s Money

by Doug Bandow

"There’s nothing quite like using someone else’s credit card . . . Just think of the fun of wasting cash provided by people around the country for local boondoggles that your own taxpayers would never pay for!"



Green Pork

by Jonathan Tolman

"In addition to tens of billions of dollars in the House stimulus bill for infrastructure and other projects to create jobs, there are also funding items that appear to do the exact opposite."



Geithner confirmed — but with bipartisan “nays”

by John Berlau

"The U.S. Senate voted to confirm Timothy F. Geithner tonight, but the vote was closer than expected with more “nays” than any previous nominee of President Barack Obama. The 60-34 confirmation was also the first nomination vote of the Obama administration with any Democrat voting no."



Liveblog of Al Gore Climate Hearing

by Iain Murray

"Gore links global warming, financial crisis and terrorism as all caused by our use of coal and oil. How convenient for him. Oh, and China as well. Urges Congress to pass “the entirety” of the stimulus bill. Presumably including the resodding of the National Mall as a vital step in combating the climate crisis."



DeMint’s Smaller-Government Stimulus

by Ivan Osorio

"DeMint also noted the importance of the opportunity costs, which those who tout the 'benefits' of government spending rarely acknowledge. He noted that the costs of government spending extend beyond the dollar amounts government shells out, to the 'costs in terms of allowing people to keep money in the private market,' since, 'there’s a multiplier effect when the money is out there rather than comes here [to Washington].'"




LibertyWeek Episode 27: Blago in Absentio

We start by highlighting CEI’s new Agenda for Congress. After all, they need adult supervision from somewhere, right? We then take on the new rules for bailout spending at Treasury, Gov. Blagojevich’s no-show status at his own impeachment trial, and an interview with Bureaucrash Crasher-in-Chief Pete Eyre. Finally, we round out the program with some strenuous Olympic News.



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