AUFC - Will Senator Gregg be a Dittohead Too?

Washington - Building on our successful radio campaign giving Senators in key states the option to side with President Obama’s plan to put Americans back to work or Rush Limbaugh, Americans United for Change is releasing a new web video, calling on Senator Gregg and other Senate Republicans not to be “Dittoheads” like their House Republican colleagues. House Republicans followed Rush Limbaugh and played politics with the worst economic crisis in a generation – so now the question is, will Senate Republicans be dittoheads too?


Click Here to View “Dittoheads”


Yesterday, we, along, with Political Action, SEIU and AFSCME announced that we are running television ads in 4 states targeting 5 Senators (Collins, Snowe, Gregg, Murkowski and Grassley) calling on them to support the Obama Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan (Click Here to View ‘Factory’ Ads).


Released today, “Rush to Failure,” the 60 second radio spots targeting Senators Ensign (NV), Voinovich (OH) and Specter (PA), and calling on the tem to support the economic recovery plan, not Rush Limbaugh, are available here: