NetRight Daily: Take Action in the Senate

Today, I launched where I am proposing that citizen activists take the role of the whip in congress. Make sure to check out the site to take part in the efforts to figure out which way each Senator will vote on the Stimulus bill next week. Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:

Some Positive News on Card Check: There are rumblings about on Capitol Hill that suggest the irresistable tide pushing passage of the horribly misnamed Employee Free Choice Act - aka Card Check - is beginning to slow down a bit. For one thing, the opposition is beginning to lob some heavy artillery at EFCA in the form of a new national survey and a national ad campaign based on the results.

Two GOP Senators May Defect on Stimulus: Earlier, Fox News reported that would be targeting five Republican Senators on the upcoming vote for the Stimulus Package that passed the House last night. Even though House Republicans were united on killing the package, the toughest battle is yet to come in the Senate.

Raising a Ruckus over Rangel: Amongst the myriad of pork-laden bills that have arisen in Congress in recent weeks, at least one actually favors the citizenry and would help narrow the gulf between American people and the “more equal” political elites in Washington.

A Layman's Fiscal Stimulus Lesson: Since the stimulus package passed the other night, there needs to be some time taken for everyone to understand the particular economics behind this.

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