YRNF - Young Republicans Congratulate Newly-Elected RNC Chairman Steele

Washington, D.C. (January 30, 2009) –


The Young Republican National Federation extends its congratulations to newly-elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele of Maryland.

"Today, the Republican National Committee moved our Party forward with strengthby electing Michael Steele as the next Chairman of the Republican Party. Chairman Steele was the choice of Young Republicans across the country, as stated in our national survey about the RNC Chairman's race. Chairman Steele has been committed to Young Republican causes for many years and understands the issues, grassroots initiatives and leadership the young people of the Republican Party bring to the table," said Jessica Colon, YRNF Chairman. "Congratulations, Chairman Steele! We look forward to your leadership as Chairman of the Republican National Committee."

In a survey of 1,249 members of the Young Republican National Federation, Michael Steele received the highest number of individual votes of who members would prefer to see as the next RNC Chair by a nearly 4-1 margin. Additional survey results may be found at